News, legislation and data related to the development and use of pilotless aircraft

In 2014 32 states considered drone legislation.

2014 Drone Legislation

North Carolina enacted a bill that created regulations for the use of public, private, and commercial unmanned aircrafts.

Senate bill 744 prohibited any entity from taking surveillance of person or private property with a unmanned aircraft.

Illinois enacted a law that regulated law enforcement’s use of information gathered by third parties using an unarmed aircraft.

Senate Bill 2937 required law enforcement to use a warrant to gather information from a third party that used an unarmed aircraft.

Louisiana enacted a bill that created the crime of unlawful use of an unmanned aircraft.

House bill 1029 defined the unlawful use of an unmanned aircraft system as the intentional use of a UAS to conduct surveillance of a targeted facility without the owner’s prior written consent.

Alaska passed a bill regulating law enforcement’s use of unarmed aircraft.

House Bill 255 created procedures and regulations for law enforcement’s use of unarmed aircraft’s. It also regulated the retention of information collected by the unarmed aircraft.

Ohio enacted a bill that created the aerospace and avaition technology committee.

One of the committee’s duties is to research and develop aviation technology including unmanned aircraft’s.

Iowa enacted a bill that made it illigal to use unmanned aircarft to regulate traffic violations.

House file 2289 required a warrant to obtain information collected by an unmanned aircraft.

Tennessee enacted two bills that made it a class C misdemeanor for any entity to take unmanned video survillanace of a person hunting, fishing , or of a private property.

Utah passed a bill that regulated the use of unmanned aircraft by state government entities.

Senate bill 167 required law enforcement to obtain a warrant before using an unmanned aircraft.

Wisconsin enacted a bill that required law enforcement to obtain a warrant before using a drone .

Indiana passed a bill creating requirments and restrictions on law enforcement’s use of unmanned aircrafts.

House bill 1009 created warrant requirements and exceptions for law enforcement’s use of unmanned aircraft’s.  It also required warrants for the use of geo-location tracking devices.

BBC published a video depiciting the role of drones in the UK.

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